Expression of pain at a fading Australian society…


Peter Petterson

New Zealand

Will put this on my blogs for others to read. NZ was kicked in the guts back in the 1980’s and have elected a progressive govt seven months ago. We have a MMP system here and have the ability to have a variety of opinions.

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Gary J Matthews

To all of Australia’s younger generation. Yes I am an old fart, just like you will all be one day. I am part of what you guys call the Baby Boomers and its all our fault….. I write this with tears in my eyes and I am finding it hard to see the keyboard 😦
Back 60+ years ago our Parents got marched off to war to protect our borders from not so friendly enemies and many of our Parents and relations and friends ended up DEAD.
We grew up trying to make sure what we and our Parents went through would never happen to you guys and hoped you would never see or feel the pain war did to us. We worked our arses off to build this nation that we Proudly live in and share with the Indigenous Australians who also gave their lives along side of us.
We build ships, cars, Lawnmowers, Hills hoists, Washing Machines, we built TV Sets, Toasters, We made our own steel and railway tracks. We built hundreds of thousands of Kilometres of roads right across this mighty nation. We turn the arid lands into farmlands. We produced the best clean green produce in the world. We set up the Australian Constitution as our LAW to guarantee a great future for all you guys our Children and Grand Children whom we really love dearly everyone of you.
I remember one day in 1975 a Prime Minister was sacked because he refused to accept a new Corporate takeover of our Government. Politicians got everywhere got offered high wages and life time pensions by this new Corporate power that slowly use stealthy tricks to change us all, and the way of life we had built. This powerful Corporate Government System you would all know today as the UNITED NATIONS.. This is run by the Elite RICH of the world and are now dictating to us what we should and should not do.
Many of us old Grey Nomad Baby Boomers started seeing all this change about 35 years ago and we began to slowly fight against it, but sadly many had fallen for the trickery and now it is to late.
I am writing this letter to ALL the younger Australians to say I am so SORRY I could not stand up and fight against this CORPORATE TAKEOVER of our once great Nation on my own and nor could my friends.
They tricked us all by starting up a TWO PARTY PREFERRED Government System that could NOT be voted out, and ever since 1975 we have only had Labor or Liberal in Government… No matter how or who voted against them they will always remain in power.
We all honestly thought we were building a mighty nation and a huge future for all you guys until these politicians started selling off our PUBLIC UTILITIES to overseas companies owned by foreign Nations. Then they started selling off our natural resources, then all our Lamb, Beef and Cattle Stations. Then sold off all our Clean Green Produce to feed themselves and not us. Today every shop, every supermarket, every clothing outlet sell “MADE IN CHINA”
We have lost our manufacturing, we are slowly losing all our jobs and being replaced by machines and self serve everything.
I am not an educated Man and I may not use perfect grammar to put my true feeling across. So please don’t blame us old farts because we really tried so hard and it cost us all dearly. Blame Corporate Greed because it is ripping us all off.
I am so sorry….

Well said Gary:



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