Kiwi heavyweight Joseph Parker stops Alexander Flores in three rounds

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Joseph Parker produced the statement performance he was looking for in Christchurch on Saturday night, despatching American Alexander Flores (17-2-1) with a savage third round knockout.

Flores was left bloodied and unconscious after Parker connected with two thunderous right hands to end the contest.

Flores was competitive throughout the first two rounds, however Parker clearly packed a significant power advantage, and always looked likely to catch the Mexican-American with a telling blow.

“It feels good, really good,” Parker said. “Obviously you hope the other guy is okay but, as a heavyweight boxer, that’s the job you’re trying to do.”

Parker joked that his first fight with chest hair (he has previously waxed his chest) was probably responsible for the unmistakeable increase in his power.

The win now propels the former WBO heavyweight champion firmly back…

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JFK Hemingway CIA Atlantis X-Connection Part 4

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The Evacuation of Gallipoli begins

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15 December 1915

The evacuation of Suvla Bay by Geoffrey Allfree (Alexander Turnbull Library, A-176-003)

In a well-planned operation, which contrasted sharply with those mounted earlier in theGallipoli campaign, Allied forces successfully withdrew from Anzac and Suvla between 15 and 20 December.

Following the failure of theAugust offensive, the British government began questioning the value of remaining at Gallipoli, especially given the need for troops on the Western Front and at Salonika in northern Greece, where Allied forces were supporting Serbia against the Central Powers. In October, the British replaced Hamilton as commander-in-chief of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force (MEF). His successor, Lieutenant-General Sir Charles Munro, quickly proposed evacuation.

On 22 November, the British decided to cut their losses andevacuate Suvla and Anzac. Planning moved quickly and efficiently. The evacuation of Anzac began on 15 December, with 36,000 troops withdrawn over the following…

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Food presentation

Well, that’s another 20 day stint in the Netherlands. Actually the word “stint” in the Netherlands refers to a mode of transport that teachers use to carry children about attached to their bike. A few months ago, there was a fatal accident, a tragedy, where 4 children were killed when a stint was left marooned in front of a train when the bike’s brakes failed. On that happy note…..
We had a semi useful meeting with a bank advisor, of course as the consultation was free talk about belastingsdienst (tax and fiscal) was confined to the bank’s interests but we learnt quite a lot. We learnt that the taxes wouldn’t be as bad as first thought, that buying a house outright would be more beneficial than renting. Of course Brexit is a massive obstacle voted for by the massive bellends of the UK. We have until December 2020 to emigrate…

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Life has changed for the better for former Warriors legend Manu Vatavei…

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Presented by Peter Petterson

Manu Vatuvei will take on David Letele tomorrow. Photo / Photosport

Manu Vatuvei (left)

Something had to change for Manu Vatuvei, the former Kiwi and Warriors league legend who returned to Auckland this year from his stint with English club Salford injured, increasingly overweight, and with worryingly low motivation levels.

His Achilles problem, which cut short his time in the north of England, prevented him from training and provided a good excuse to sit on the couch where his weight ballooned to nearly 130kg.

Not surprisingly, that affected the 32-year-old’s mental state. Used to being in a team, with all the routines and structures that brings – not to mention the banter with fellow players, training and discipline – Vatuvei was slipping into dangerous territory.

In order to find something to do he took up a construction job – working full days on houses from 7am until 4pm – and then he got a phone call…

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Winners and losers from High Performance Sport NZ’s funding announcement

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Snow sports teen stars Zoi Sadowski-Synnott and Nico Porteous. Photo / Photosport
Snow sports teen stars Zoi Sadowski-Synnott and Nico Porteous. Photo / Photosport

High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) announced a $36 million investment programme for New Zealand sport in 2019.

The investments will help New Zealand’s sporting organisations in the areas of high performance leadership, coaching, international competition, training camps, pathway development, and equipment and operations.

The funding allocations for each of the sports were based on four criteria: past performance, future potential, quality of the individual sport’s high performance programme, and campaigns and aspects of the individual sport context.

Here are the winners and losers from HPSNZ’s funding announcement:


Snow sports

Snow sports was the biggest winner, receiving an increase in investment of $250k to $2.25m. This boost follows New Zealand’s most successful Winter Olympics ever, after teenagers Zoi Sadowski-Synnott (women’s snowboarding big air) and Nico Porteous (men’s ski halfpipe) both took home bronze in…

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Armoured vehicles bearing EU flag deployed in Paris – clear sign that the European Army already created

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On France’s yellow vests topic … some folk have suggested & I see videos along the same lines that this is a false flag. I’m undecided but certainly things are happening in Europe & certainly folk globally have been feeling the ‘austerity’ measures of the global banking predators. Note the so called elite are well versed in fomenting wars & strife in order to achieve their ends. Witness the quote by Henry Kissinger below here, taken from the article. As with the nine eleven false flag, they have an agenda going down. From the years I’ve been following the activities of the cabal or so called elite (and they are not elite by any stretch of the imagination) is that their end game is total global control and declaring martial law is likely a part of that. Create dissent & foment trouble then show up with the armoured…

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You can’t begrudge Ben Smith joining the overseas cash ranks after the RWC…

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Pete Says: Undoubtably one of our best ever fullback/ wingers. A favourite of mine.

All Blacks winger Ben Smith on the break against the Wallabies. Photo / Brett Phibbs
All Blacks winger Ben Smith on the break against the Wallabies. Photo / Brett Phibbs

By:Liam Napier

No one can begrudge Ben Smith signing off his service to New Zealand after the World Cup.

Come next year he will be 33, and nearing the twilight years when the time to cash in grows more apparent, more understandable, having dedicated so much of his life to Otago, the Highlanders and All Blacks.

Confirmation of Smith’s move to Pau, on what is thought to be a seven-month deal with another Japanese contract possibly to come, is expected to see the French club miss out on Ardie Savea who has been offered an improved deal by NZ Rugby.

Had the All Blacks and Hurricanes flanker, just 25, opted to leave it would have been a significant blow.

Read some…

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