Bunnings inane onion directive…

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That’s a yes from Bunnings – onions first from now on at its sausage sizzles. Photo: Getty

Hardware giant Bunnings is being roasted for imposing a radical change on its famous weekend sausage sizzles. And it all comes down to onions.

Bunnings management has told community groups the onions must go on the bread first, ahead of the sausage.

The new onions-first sausage sizzle policy, announced on Tuesday, has drawn widespread scorn and ridicule on social media.

Thousands of Australians took to Facebook and Twitter to voice their anger at the move. On Wednesday, TV host Karl Stefanovic piled in, insisting Bunnings’ was being “un-Australian”.

This will ruin Australia,” he told the Today show, warning that the country would not “make it through today if this happened”.

“Bunnings, you get a lot of things right. But, I’m sorry, you got this one wrong. You don’t mess with perfection.” 

Bunnings NZ follows suit!

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 Secrets Behind the World’s Most Successful Team

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Secrets Behind the World’s Most Successful Team

The All Blacks jersey carries with it an aura of invincibility. Their starting 15 could be injured and the next 15 would still stand head and shoulders above the rest of the world. How did a tiny nation of less than 5 million people build such an unshakeable dynasty of excellence? This premise drives rugby journalist Peter Bills’ book The Jersey.

It is a quest to get into the veins of New Zealand’s rugby fraternity, from the 1800s until today. With unprecedented access to New Zealand rugby, its heroes and work horses, Bills has pieced together an epic tale of a nation obsessed with the oval ball.

The book is a page-turner that sweeps readers along with the author’s enviable gift for storytelling. Reading his words is like sitting around a fire with a village elder…

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United NZEI and PPTA Action Can Win

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downloadJames Crichton, chief of the Employment Relations Authority, says our claim is unrealistic. What rubbish! Our teachers’ claim of 16 percent over two years is fully justified to make a teaching career an attractive option. Crichton knows nothing of the reality of being a teacher in an under-funded system – always under stress, never having enough time, working long hours.

The offer of 3 percent for 3 years does not even guarantee a real pay rise if CPI keeps on rising. The latest annual rate of inflation is 1.9 percent, having risen from 1.1 percent in March and 1.5 percent in June. At this rate, by the end of the year CPI could easily be well over 2 percent. Who is to say what could happen over 3 years?

School education needs a transformational funding boost. Labour says it will take time. We can’t wait years. Children…

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NZ Govt has confirmed there will be a re-entry into the Pike River mine in Feb 2019…

Forget the love trysts, our relationship with China is a much bigger affair

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by Bevan Rapson

A Chinese marine on the frigate Huangshan off Darwin during a large military exercise that included the New Zealand Navy. Photo / Getty Images

Revelations about a big donation to the National Party feed unease over China’s growing influence.

Amid an extraordinary few October days of revelations about goings-on in the National Party, hints from its MP-gone-rogue Jami-Lee Ross that he might “lift the bed sheets” on parliamentary “bed-hopping” threatened to raise the ante.

Were lurid details of long-rumoured extramural parliamentary activities about to gush forth, destroying careers, wrecking marriages and further exposing the seat of our democracy as a sordid pit of hypocrisy and deceit?

The possibility sent another jolt through news and social-media networks already humming over Ross’s revolt and revelations about his own extra-marital and allegedly intimidating behaviour. Never mind the Prime Minister’s “nuclear-free moment” – Ross’s nuclear-option moment raised the prospect of unprecedented…

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Paris, 1968: 50 years since the barricades

International Socialists

Paris-May-1968By Jules Courtine

May 1968 is the date of the largest general strike in French history. Over the course of this month, 11 million workers joined a protest which was explicitly anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist and revolutionary. As a result of the strike national production came to a grinding halt, conservative president Charles de Gaulle fled the country and a snap election had to be called in order to restore the status quo. Although it did not achieve its revolutionary objectives, May 68 shows how powerful workers and students can be when they join forces against capitalism.

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Armistice centenary – 11 November 2018

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At 11am on 11 November this year, Aotearoa New Zealand will mark the centenary of the armistice that ended the First World War in 1918. On that day 100 years ago, after four years of brutal conflict, war finally gave way to peace.

The First World War had taken a huge toll on New Zealand. Around 100,000 New Zealanders – or ten percent of the population at the time – served overseas during the war, and over 18,000 lost their lives. Families and communities back home felt these losses acutely.

When news of the Armistice reached our shores it was met with thanksgiving, hopefulness and joyous noise.

The Armistice centenary gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the loss and trauma of the First World War, as well as reflect on peace and hope at the centenary of its closure. As well as joining together in remembrance, we can recapture…

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