Stone in a Sling – A #SoldiersStory by Scott A. Meehan



In the story of a soldier who served in the U.S. Army from 1980 to 2005, Scott reveals the behind-the-scenes life of an enlisted soldier and a commissioned officer.

From surviving a terrorist attack in Colombia, encounters in the Amazon jungles of Ecuador, East Berlin and Desert Storm, and obtaining obtaining information leading to the capture of Saddam Hussein, this biography explores the reality of military life.

But above all, Stone In A Sling is a story of inspiration, leadership, adventure and unwavering courage.

5 of 5 stars. This book is a hidden gem. Don’t miss this …

“This book is a hidden gem. Don’t miss this personal story from a U.S. Army vet who served from 1980-2005. I’m not one to slog through books of military battles or history so I was a bit leery to begin “All I Could Be”. Once I started I could not put…

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