Cold Case: Mona Blades…

Pete's Kiwi Korner

By Peter Petterson

Mona Blades' 1975 disappearance is the first subject of new crime investigation series Cold Case.

Photo of Mona Blades in 1975

A nationwide search for a Datsun 120Y car similar to this one, was carried out in connection with the disappearance of ...

An orange Datsun120Y

Eighteen year old Mona Blades went missing during Queens Birthday weekend in 1975. She was hitch-hiking from Hastings to Hamilton for her nephews birthday.

She has never been seen since. There was an alleged sighting of her by a truck driver of a woman fitting her description getting into an orange Datsun 120Y in Taupo allegedly on the Napier- Taupo road. No body or clothing has been found that could have been hers.

Her disappearance set off one of New Zealand’s biggest manhunts.. More than 500 suspects had owned or driven orange Datsun 120Y.

Photos of Mona blades circulated after her disappearance were not good reflections of her appearance at the time. Posed wedding photos showed different hairstyles she would have had at the time. No selfies those days.

The Coldcase producer, Carolyn Harper from Screentime NZ. said…

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