Atomic bomb blasts in Japan WW2

Two aerial photos of atomic bomb mushroom clouds, over two Japanese cities in 1945.

Atom bomb blasts in Japan WW2

A massive nuclear test waste dump in the Pacific is leaking radioactive material into the ocean.

A 50cm-thick concrete dome is all that stands between 85,000 cubic metres of soil mixed with radioactive waste and the people of Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

Runit Dome – or “the tomb”, as locals call it – contains the waste leftover from dozens of atomic tests carried out by the US in the mid-20th century.

But according to a new report from Australia’s ABC News, climate change is taking its toll – water is penetrating the dome.

Also, the bottom isn’t lined at all. During its nuclear clean-up in the 1970s, the pit – itself formed by an atomic blast – was deemed too pricey to line the porous seabed with concrete.

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